Hold Harmless Agreement

Relating to the engagement of Far West Credit Services LLC., as its agent, Client agrees to defend and save Far West Credit Services LLC. HARMLESS FROM ALL CLAIMS, DAMAGES AND/OR LOSS resulting from the acts or omissions of Far West Credit Services LLC or its authorized representatives for services performed on Client's behalf. This shall include any and all claims made by third parties as a result of liens filed against parcels of real property.

Client hereby acknowledges and represents that he/she has read the foregoing, understands the contents thereof and agrees that it is a part of this contract bargained in good faith and executed voluntarily on his/her part.

In addition, the Client acknowledges and represents that it is represented by its own legal counsel relating to the foreclosure of any construction liens. Accordingly, the Client is not and will not in any way seek legal advice nor expect to receive legal advice from Far West Credit Services LLC and/or its representatives relating to the services described in Section 1 of this agreement.